Folk cults and beliefs of humans

        FOLK CULTS         AND BELIEFS


Beliefs are very interesting in India. Fear is the basis of the religion of the ancient man. The religious experience of humanity goes through different stages. To the ancient man the forces of nature which were beyond his control.  As the boundless darkness of the night, in the form of horrible and scary mountains, seas, lakes and rivers, the knowledge of the fear of the vast water engulfed the ancient man with fear. The wind and the rain which used to manage his daily life and his benefits and peers say the terrible thunder of lightning and its flash which destroys the eyes with dazzling burns and the scorching heat of the sun and the time-consuming snow.


Storms and earthquakes were all terrifying effects that were beyond his control. Due to the ignorance of the ancient man, he believed that every object of nature, whether visible or invisible, was subject to some demon. People believed that if these ghosts became angry or hostile, they would hurt them. Such a belief is called phantomism and all the ancient people even though they lived in the past because there is a soul in every object they should not be offended even in the state of happy and unhappy like a human being.

We should look at the entire life of the ancient man and if we want to understand him in real terms then instead of hating him we should sympathetically research his experience and behavior. In the ancient society, the place of the priestly physician and philosopher has been taken over by the magician and sage Adik. The wise man was used to find the cause of a special event like drought, flood, earthquake or any other calamity.


Although the ancient man or the wild life is surrounded by amazing powers and darkness without knowledge, but the civilized man is not free from the fears and hopes of the wild man in spite of some mental characteristics. That is why in many civilizations there are secret superstitions and sorcery and finding a cure with mantras and also believing that miraculous events and miracles can happen. Although more or less the number of people who have acquired a culture according to the scientific and technological condition is generally pure, but a part of the whole society or nation remains ancient even though the shape around it is the same as the present civilization.


The main feature of the society in the period before the advent of common beliefs and myths or folklore, science and logical thought was their tendency to fabricate mythological discourses. The ancient Iranians have expressed the ancient myth of the clash of good and evil through the allusions of Ahirmajd and Ahirman. This is, according to one view, a philosophical myth. In the same way heaven and hell are also considered myths with some philosophical ideas. Indian hell is a pit filled with filth in which sinners are thrown.


The men who commit adultery, according to the Indian idea, will be made of burning iron poles in the next life with which they will have to embrace, just as they used to embrace the men or women with whom they had an unholy relationship in human life. Such myths are very prevalent in their detailed explanations.  They have a great impact on the regularity of the life of the innumerable races of the human race. Even today, a large number of people have full faith in the truth of such symbolic myths.

One of the beliefs of magic is the belief in magic which the common people firmly adhere to and seek to take advantage of the power of so-called magicians to fulfil their intentions.  There is also a belief in magic that magic or rituals can break the laws of nature and achieve results that are not normally expected. Argument and science determine the special laws of nature which must be followed. If there are some reasons, then the result we have seen before will definitely come out.

The means to break these laws are the imaginary power of a person who cannot make an amazing impact in the way of nature and any consequences can be achieved. The witch may be a person or a pious person who is thought to have possessed special powers or from which god or goddess he may have received a gift. When a person goes to him, the sorcerer executes his powers. Ordinary people believe in magicians. In case of illness, they often go to magicians instead of going to a wise doctor for relief.

Fraudsters have a very frightening effect on the minds of deceitful religious beliefs which call a criminal organization thug for looting and murder with the idea that it thus fulfils certain religious obligations. The thugs came from all over the world. It did not matter whether they were Hindus or Muslims. It is also said that some of them are followers of the famous Peer Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya of Delhi. This peer occurred between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and is regarded as one of the greatest religious leaders of Indian Islam.


Other beliefs, contradictions and prohibitions of the people indicate the establishment of Bish Puja in India and many other countries. Certain scorpions and plants such as pipal and tulsi are considered sacred and are representative of Vishnu. According to the Indian medical system, Tulsi has not only Vedic properties, but also the followers of Vaishnavism make rosaries from its seeds. The neem tree also has not only Vedic and medical properties but also the abode of ghosts.

Special beliefs revolve around precious stones of different colours and types.  It is also believed that there are some stones that remove the poison of the poisoned person. Traditional elements and traditions in the religion. In the prevailing belief, the demonic powers are the demons who seek to harm the people.  It is thought that some men are possessed by such demons and that their eyesight deteriorates.

The prevailing superstitions are such that they are found in alternate forms in every place and in every community and man everywhere sees new varieties of them. Some large tombs are considered sacred and are cared for by Muslim or Hindu priests. Hindus and Sikhs pray at the temples and shrines of their saints and ask for blessings. Every ritual is different according to the wisdom but the simple pattern and outline is the same.  The Goddess bestows blessings on the bridegroom so is considered to be the greatest power.

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