Basic knowledge of social ethics and morality


What is the importance of ethics  in our life?

Moral philosophy are  important part of our lives. Along with ethics, a human being tries to keep his personality clean. In a society, if a human being is to reach the pinnacle of progress through the right path, then it is very important for him to have moral qualities. Only a person who is morally strong can reach the limit of progress. These moral qualities are inherited from one’s home or family. Moral virtues can also be called Sanskar in other words. There are many virtues in moral virtues – Truth, restraint, kindness, patience, benevolence, enterprise etc.


Be acquiring these qualities one can achieve one’s destination. Only on the basis of moral virtues,the behavior of a human being, his speech, his culture is known.These moral qualities put an end to bad thoughts, pride, malice, and the habit of lying.So these moral qualities are the basis of our life. It is very important to have these qualities in our life.


Ethical values ​​play an important role in making the path of life successful.Most of the problems are solved automatically if we follow them. Children learn a lot by watching. Today, with the social imbalance, bad things are happening which is leading to a decline in moral values. Giving all the blame to the new generation, we have to think that we are reaping what we have sown.Somewhere parents, teachers and society are also to some extent responsible for this. So we have to start from our own homes. We have to change ourselves before society can change.


When we live in a society we want to have a distinct identity in our society and everyone meets us with love. Morality is such a priceless treasure that makes your life simple, peaceful, eternal and everlasting.So we need to understand morality in the true sense. Morality means our attitude toward others.


Our relationships with friends and colleagues we meet at home, in social educational institutions and in our surroundings, the way we treat them, the way we treat them in times of need, the good habits and the company of good people.
Choosing right from wrong. Respecting others is not the difference between saying and doing. Respecting everyone and being obedient. Simplicity and aesthetics Simplicity and equality Humility and nonviolence are the basis of moral values. When this basis is the basis of our way of life then our lifestyle will become an example of moral values.


Only by following good morals and human values ​​can a person go through a good social behavior. Only good morals and moral values ​​can help in the creation of a good society by guiding the focaccia rules built by the society. Without morality, there is no meaning of prosperity in human life. A person with good morals is well-mannered, well-mannered, well-mannered, and well-mannered. The main basis of morality is speaking the truth, supporting the truth etc.
People who have this gift of morality are enjoying the heavenly waves on earth and doing social work to make the earth a paradise. It is the duty of everyone to embrace moral values.

There is no age limit for adopting them. Rather, it is a continuous flow. Wherever you meet, you should get it. Our culture teaches culture and ethics. Morality is the basic goal of every religion.
It is desperately needed today.
Ethics we should inherit from our parents in our homes, from our elders in our society, from our teachers in schools and colleges and from our friends.


What is the role of society in ethics?

Parents and teachers have a very important role to play in ethics.
Today the social balance and direction is deteriorating. Incidents of anarchy, juvenile delinquency and drug abuse bring to us the indications of a major threat. At such critical times, children need to be taught morals from an early age.


Therefore, parents should be aware, school teachers, social organizations, religious organizations should come forward for this venture. Moral values ​​are the backbone of this society. They have a direct bearing on conduct. We need to be diligent and alert at all times. The government should also introduce it as a subject in schools so that we pledge to promote a healthy society and culture.

Morality is a set of good moral laws on the basis of which human thinking and decision is considered right or wrong by society. Man follows these rules neither for the sake of praise nor out of fear of punishment. The three pillars of morality are first conduct, second knowledge and third behaviour Honesty in conduct, speaking the truth, true work, discipline and encouragement etc. come. Humility in behaviour obedience, helping others, smiling, giving thanks, love, responsibility, self-control, forgiveness, tolerance, etc.
Learning of knowledge means acquiring knowledge. Moral values ​​are as important in our lives as oxygen, to breathe and water to quench our thirst. Ethical values ​​are needed by all, whether they are young or old. An intelligent person who follows ethics builds a house on two strong foundations. While it is true that morality can be learned easily at an early age, man continues to learn throughout life.


At home, parents teach moral values. The teachers in the school and then the society and religious institutions insist on teaching moral values. Humans and peers are the most affected. Good company, good looks, bad company, bad companyEthical values ​​need time. Our heritage is an invaluable treasure of moral values ​​in our traditions. But in today’s changing social perspective, we have to strive to pass on morality to the new generation. This requires the creation of literature in the form of books for school / college students. Only through these efforts can we impart the right aspect of ethics to the students.


In today’s society a new generation is collapsing under the influence of Western culture. There is a competition between dress and grooming and the imitation of foreign countries. But today’s youth are forgetting their rich culture, ethics and duties towards their elders. Instead of working hard to earn ten nails, they are in the race to become rich overnight through unethical means.Morality is a set of positive rules in our life on the basis of which our culture is founded.

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