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  • Who is Guru?

As the Guru’s says, some are cottenwood in sweet languor, some are ever boiling kettles on fire, some full of cold water. Nature makes an individual. They are as Good made them, good, bad or indifferent. Pots, well- shaped or ill- shaped. All as nature made them. They are as many flowers and leaves; and some are poisonous, some are nectares. And the Guru Personality creates the people, the galaxy of God- intoxicated men, the Sangha, the Sangat. As the plants revolve round the central sun, so the people new- born, a faith born, spirit- born, Guru- born, revolve round the Guru.

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This planetary constellation of living, song like men, living musical presences, almost emitting the music of the very spheres, is the society of Rememberance, Simran of the beautiful. Such are the disciple saints of Simran. The earth tries to run away from the Sun, but it is the sun that holds it on. The disciple is under the centrifugal forces of individuality, the Guru holds him under these centrifugal forces Himward. This inspiration of Simran is not about the individual, but of the cosmos. Simran is always cosmic. The Gurus universal brotherhood is salvation from the selfishness of the inner forces that tend towards individuality.


Bhai Gurdas, the apostle of the Gurus faith, says that it is Guru Nanak who opened the long- closed portals of true spiritual comradeship and taught people to surrender – to fall at the feet of brothers. The bowing down of the disciples is not the symbol of any humility, but, it is the cosmic surrender of the individuality, however lofty and beautiful in itself, to the Guru- born society. One star gets bound in cosmic unity. Individual opinions, vows, principles, emphasis on kings and cabbages, angularities, idiosyncrasies of men and animals have to be relinquished in the presence of the brothers, as one renounces his very hands and feet when sleep overpowers him.


Unless it is as spontaneous and easy, it has not that cosmic significance which the Guru is attached to it. Forced to surrender or trained surrender has no meaning. Surrender has to be complete, unconditional, gladsome and spontaneous, easy and simple. Conviction of the depths of life; intellectual assent or critical appreciation has no substance. Unless you are admitted into his acceptance there is no invitation for you into this brotherhood the brotherly help, but they do not insist on your joining it preaching is idle unless you have learnt the divine necessity of your soul through the vicissitudes of life.


If you develop that Asoka’ s thirst, the brothers have a cup of nectar for you. They raise it to your lips. Truth is simple. Drink and you shall know it. There is no conversation, except that loud and silent colour of life that suffuses you, deluges you, when you have drunk of the Nectar- cup of the Brothers. The Brother just looked at me as I was passing. And my bashful eyes looked from under the drooping eyelids; he had closed his eyes and was praying for me. I never forget that sight.


What is Nam?
Whenever I am in difficulty now, I close my eyes and see the Brothers standing by my side in exactly the same posture and light radiates all around him. And that radiance envelope me and I forget the world. Is this Nam? Is this Simran of Guru Nanak? I am new to myself every time. I remember the brother. My prayers find their breath from the remembrance of that unselfish service he did me. Life begets life. When a man sees that rare glimpse of the love that the Brother gives, he forgets even his being a leper. He rejoices, rises and prays. The body shall drop.

The soul flies on its beautiful wings into the infinite. A man came who was very learned. He had read books, he had kept vigils, he had gone through the caves of self as the yogins do. He had heard the voice of the caves. And he thought he was big. When he came and saw the Brother who played with children, who talk to young girls and who was abloom like the lotus, drawing the whole Heaven to his heart by a mere look upward, when he saw the pure delight of this spontaneous and easy remembrance, the Simran of the Brother, he knew at a glance that all his life he had been so mean and small.


In the spite of all his greatness and learning there was to him a revelation of simple truth. He fell at the feet of the Brother. The Brother said nothing to him, just as a mountain says nothing when a pilgrim to the snowy heights kisses the mountain’s feet. The glory of all life is in ‘ the Name ‘. The whole universe is sub stained by ‘the Name ‘. And naming him with all our senses is love freed from all dross. And love is spontaneous, easy and as a cosmic a phenomenon as the formation of suns from the nebulae.

When we part from those we really love, whose sweet remembrance causes deep wounds of life in us, I feel as if Simran of Guru Nanak is like a tender fibre. And where I love, a fibre strikes root in the soil of soul consciousness and small tender fibre in his heart or her heart and one in mine. Centuries pass in separation and after centuries, where there was a little fibre there stands a huge tree of life. So our feelings are nourished under the deep and mysterious shades of his Simran.

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