1. What are the reasons in prices declining?



Prices are very essential part of our life. It is very important to eradicate the social evils that afflict our society today. While economic growth has opened new doors of prosperity, it has also severely damaged the warm communal harmony and moral values ​​of joint family system relationships. Today, people do not have time to meet. Everyone complains that they do not have time.


The Value specifies a relationship between a person and a goal. It is relational in the sense that what one person values may not be what another person values even in the same situation. For example, a person who values honesty might blow the whistle on financial wrongdoing by a superior whereas another person who values loyalty may remain silent. This is an example of values conflict. The honest person may believe there are limits to loyalty and keeping quiet about a wrongful act out of loyalty might harm others. The loyal person may believe in the importance of keeping one’s confidence, even if it might harm others because of the trusting relationship.

Some values stand up well over the test of time; they are always good or rightful behaviour. Honesty and kindness are two such examples. It is difficult to imagine having a satisfying relationship without them because they build trust in relationships. There are always exceptions but they are rare. For example, if a criminal out to do harm to your friend knocks on the door and asks whether you have seen the friend, you’re probably not going to say yes and rationalize it out of a sense of honesty. Here, the greater good, so to speak, is to protect your friend from harm.


I’m a proponent of virtue ethics because it holds that moral values can be turned into excellences of character with practice and repetition. We become virtuous by being virtuous. We use practical wisdom to make decisions about what virtuous behaviour is. It all makes sense — at least to me.

From a virtuous perspective, it is most important to distinguish intrinsic from extrinsic value. Intrinsic value is something that has value in its own right, such as honesty and kindness, whereas extrinsic value is doing something for another reason (i.e., wealth and fame).

👉What are the reasons for the fall in prices?

There are many reasons for the fall in values ​​in our society. According to Gandhi, “The advancement of science has greatly contributed to the erosion of social and spiritual values. Science promotes industrialization and industrialization capitalism and capitalism maximizes production and production in some hands also gives wealth and this political and economic plunder is being carried out by a few people. ” Different educators have classified values ​​differently. Spencer divides values ​​into six categories: theoretical, economic, aesthetic, socio-political, and religious. All of these values ​​have declined. We are progressing materially, but our soul is destroying morality and humanity.


👉Are politics also a major cause of declining prices?

The Political situation is one of the major reasons for this. In his book “Value education A Study of Public Opinion” Gandhi explored the causes of declining prices on a research basis. According to him, the decline in moral values ​​among political leaders could be one of the reasons for the decline in the overall values ​​system. Our political leaders are motivated by their parties and lack leadership qualities. Some of these leaders exploit the masses for their own selfish ends. Personal interests give more importance than responsibility for national interests. Consider themselves above the law and constitutional directives. Our Vidhan Sabhas and Lok Sabha are tarnishing their image and this is all being exposed through the media, which is causing a decline in moral values.


👉Is Westernization causing prices to fall?

The influence of westernization of modernity is increasing in our society.
The influence of modernization and westernization is rapidly spreading in the fields of agro-industry and trade. Westernization is having a greater impact on children’s desire to enjoy worldly pleasures. Respect for the elders is gone, so even though our educational system is responsible somewhere, the old values ​​are almost gone, meaning our social structure has changed.

👉How values are declining due to rising prices?

According to Ruhela, the rapid advancement of science is also having an impact on industrialization and urbanization, which is causing families to break up. Marxist Psychological Theory Darwin’s theory of evolution emphasizes the development of individualism.
Contemporary Western thinking of life experience has an effect on values ​​and India accepts all these influences which have led to a cultural crisis in this world in which the old values ​​have completely disappeared. This has created an imbalance. This imbalance causes a crisis of values.


👉How values are declining due to unresolved problems in student life?

In the old days the teacher had the status of Guru and this was an example in terms of intelligent character where the values ​​of knowledge and character values ​​came automatically in the children and at that time the teacher treated the students like parents and the students were family members. This meant that the teacher’s behaviour was sympathetic and loving towards the children and the independence discipline went hand in hand.
Parents give birth to children physically and teachers used to give birth to children intellectually. In the old days, as a teacher, he was highly respected in the society as a religious and intellectual leader of the society. But there is a big difference between today’s teachers and students. There are many reports due to which the teacher has lost his status to some extent due to the political leadership and the changing needs of the society.

Although this does not apply to all teachers, the teaching community needs to be transformed from a businessman to a guru. Therefore, the governments need to make an effort. First of all, the financial needs of the teachers should be met so that their economic condition can be improved. And the desire to make as much money as possible could be eliminated and the students could feel the urge to learn something new.In terms of teachers and students, Ruhela is of the view that education has spread in India since independence. When there is a large spread in any field, it is difficult to maintain the quality of work.


👉Is unemployment a major cause of falling prices?

The second reason is that in this age of unemployment we cannot expect to find only teachers who are dedicated to somewhere. On the other hand, a large number of students are suffering from poverty due to which they also lack self-confidence and sense of purpose.
Lack of purpose among students and teachers is also causing a decline in values. Parents’ values ​​also contribute to the decline in prices to some extent. When Gandhi collected information about parents from the students, the fact came to the fore that children do not get enough time from their parents. There should be an emotional connection between children and parents that can solve a variety of psychological problems. So while the interaction between children and parents is a source of values, the inability of parents to give time to their children is a major cause of the decline in values.


👉How the media caused the fall in prices?

The media is also a major factor in the decline in prices. Our modern media which can also be called the root of western culture. The more people the media shows, the more people they will become.
This media have taken root in our psyche.
People are so preoccupied with TV channels, cinema and mobile phones that the values ​​within them are disappearing day by day. People are forgetting their culture by adopting the food and drink of the artists. So we need to redefine our culture and not deviate from the values.
Only by combining values ​​with values ​​can we achieve our unique place in the world.


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